Observational Modelling and Life Drawing

This post contains a collection of work completed on my current course (UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design), focussing on developing observational drawing and life drawing skills.

clay sculpture of a life model, Neville, who was kind enough to sit for us for the entire day.
Profile of clay sculpture.
An existential self-portrait trying to communicate how i physically felt when slumping on one leg.
Observational sketch of the historical fashion on display at the Royal albert Memorial Museum.
continuous line drawing of a classmates face, drawn without looking at the page.

Foundation Exploratory Project – Fashion and Textiles

Below are images from my Deconstruction Fashion and Sportswear projects, including work based on the historical fashion displayed at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.


A finished garment from the fashion rotation week on deconstruction inspired by Vetements and Vivienne Westwood.


Fashion illustrations based on RAMM historical fashion.
Ruffles and Pleats, textiles experimentation.





Below are images of my architectural design work from both my AS Graphic Design Exam and from my experience working as an intern for Jonathan Rhind Architects.

Outcome from AS Graphic Design Exam. A front cover to a student guide for Exeter College.


During my current course, the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, I have also done research into sustainability and architecture as part of the Interactions project for 3D Materials.


Research into flood proof homes, a floating gym, and a coat/tent for refugees as part of my initial set of ideas for the Interactions Project for 3D Materials.


During my day off on a Friday, I work as an intern for Jonathan Rhind Architects. I thoroughly enjoy working there and it has given me a chance to practise some hand-drawing and CAD skills.

Site plan sketch as part of my work as an intern for Jonathan Rhind Architects (JRA).
3D designs of small flats created on VectorWorks Architect 2016 as part of my work for Jonathan Rhind Architects.



Foundation Exploratory Project – 3D Animation

This project is from the 3D Material rotation, which explored animation through the creation of phonotropes.


Research into Batik and crochet as initial ideas for the phonotrope.


My first outcome of a snake phonotrope in the style of batik.

Watch by clicking this link:

Snake Phonotrope

After trying to create an outcome using a Batik style, I decided to create another outcome that had more of a 3D element. So I continued to experiment using crochet.


Research into embroidered phonotropes and development of crochet outcome.


Second phonotrope outcome with crocheted sunflowers.



Watch by clicking these links:

Sunflower Phonotrope

Sunflower Phonotrope 2




Foundation Exploratory Project – Graphics Typography

Below are images from the project for the Graphic Design rotation, in which we had to create our own typeface.


typog page 1 final.jpg
Research into Typography and knitting experimentation.

From the beginning of this project I tried to focus on ways to create a typeface made out of real materials instead of using the computer.



Experimenting with embroidery and textiles.


After experimentation I decided to create my own textile for the typeface, using PVA and tissue paper. The idea was that this would create plastic-like and transparent material, so that light could create colourful shadows when shone through it.


My first outcome, created with PVA glue and tissue paper. I then embroidered the textile to add a 3D element and more texture.


My second outcome containing images of the shadows created by the first outcome. Although the impact of the shadows was not quite as intended, I felt this outcome had a soft and feminine aesthetic.